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convention-inductionCORE TECHNOLOGY – Electrical Rotating Machines:
The core invention is a significantly improved thermal solution when compared to existing solutions and is exclusively based on the use of Permanent Magnet machines. This innovation will substantially improve the manner in which heat is removed from the stator winding of motors or generators. Since heat removal is the size limiting factor for all machines this invention allows for significant size and weight reduction, as well as improvements in operating efficiency and manufacturing costs.

The impact this technology will have on the selection of an LC Drives machine would enable the end user to install a 20Kw machine in the same physical size as that of a 2Kw unit, or a 2MW machine in same footprint as that of a 200Kw motor. The substantial reduction in size yields many advantages including significantly lower weight For propulsion applications this offers massive system efficiency benefits; for industrial applications more motor power without increasing size offers significant packaging and operational benefits.

conventional-water-cooled-stator-crossHow we make the machine half the size
LC Drives machines use in-slot liquid cooling so heat is removed from a location directly adjacent to the source of heat generation – the windings. All traditional liquid cooling approaches require heat to pass through the steel in the stator as steel is a poor thermal conductor. LC Drives uses a patent pending approach to accomplish in-slot cooling using a fully brazed manifold for high reliability.

Higher slot current density allows the machine to be smaller, higher current, and have shorter stack length. New materials allow heat to move easier from windings to cooling manifold without compromising electrical insulation or magnetic performance.

LC Drives has filed 10 patent applications with one issued.