Variable Frequency Drive – (VFD):
The core invention is a multi-level drive that has many more (5x) levels (switches) than conventional multi-level drives. The adoption of many more switches allows much higher effective switching frequency significantly reducing or in some case eliminating the need for line filters resulting in a VFD that can be up to 5 times smaller and significantly lighter.

This approach also increases the reliability of the electrical machines that it powers because of reduced voltage spikes being impressed on the stator winding. The digital control solution is more complex than a conventional (current technology) VFD, but this is now feasible with high speed low cost digital components. For low voltage machines this enables smaller more efficient and lower cost drives. For medium voltage it enables high performance variable speed drives that are not currently available.

LC Drives has advanced engineering projects on related products to its motors & generators. As these projects reach maturity, these will be added to the product portfolio.