LC Drives power-dense PM motors & generators

Lightweight, Power-Dense Electric Machines

LC Drives is pioneering the development of powerful, compact, and lightweight electric motors and generators rated from 10kW to 10MW.

High Power Output with a Smaller Footprint

LC Drives is revolutionizing the design and manufacture of power-dense, liquid-cooled Permanent Magnet (PM) electrical machines. The Company designs and manufactures light-weight motors and generators that are purpose-built for a range of industries and applications including marine propulsion, wind, and industrial process automation.

Our CoolSlot™ innovation is a thermal management solution designed into the area of the motor/generator that generates the majority of the losses — the stator conductors. This approach allows the size and weight of the machine to be 50 to 75 percent smaller than that of the world’s leading suppliers.

This unique approach enables the production of purpose-built electric motors and generators that are significantly smaller, lighter, and more efficient than conventional water-cooled PM machines.

  • Patented technologies increase power output while reducing machine size
  • Patented winding design with in-slot cooling
  • Significantly lower machine weight for propulsion applications, wind power generation and more


LC Drives is focused on several areas where our CoolSlot™ technology offers significant benefits above and beyond current electric motors and generators.

Electric Marine Propulsion PM Motors & Generators | Thruster Motors

Reducing motor size allows hybrid drivetrains to fit into engine rooms where conventional solutions cannot.

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direct drive low inertia motors

Patent technology enables the ability to meet specific size, inertia and weight parameters to improve reliability and reduce energy costs of motor drive systems in modern manufacturing facilities.

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High-efficiency wind generators

Reducing the size and weight of generator drives while increasing power output lowers construction cost and increases generating capacity.

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Our Innovation

Improved thermal management allows the size and weight of our motors and generators to be 50 to 75 percent smaller than that of the world’s leading suppliers.

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