About Us

With locations in Potsdam and Ballston Spa, New York, LC Drives has developed and patented Permanent Magnet motor/generator technologies that fundamentally improve the performance, reliability, and efficiency of 10 kW to 10 MW electrical machines. The company employs over 100 talented team members and is led by an experienced entrepreneurial management team with deep industry experience.

The company’s patented technologies enable the design and manufacture of electric motors and generators that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and lower cost than conventional machines. These advances have attracted the attention of large international companies including a multimillion-dollar investment from Koch Engineered Solutions.

LC Drives focuses on applications where size, weight, and performance are critical.

Marine Propulsion & Power Generation
Reducing machine size allows hybrid drivetrains to be considered where conventional solutions cannot.

Industrial Motors
Patented technology offers the ability to meet specific size, inertia, and weight parameters to improve reliability and reduce the energy costs of motor drive systems in modern manufacturing facilities.

Wind Turbines
Reducing the size and weight of the generator while increasing power output lowers construction costs and increases overall operating efficiency, thereby increasing LCoE.


A proven and seasoned management team with both early-stage and enterprise-level business experience.

LC Drives Russel Marvin power-dense PM motors & generators

Marvin has been the CEO of LC Drives since 2012 when he co-founded the company. He is also a member of the Company’s Board of Directors. Marvin oversees all aspects of the Company including day-to-day operations, finance, and strategy development.


  • Russel Marvin
  • Founder & CEO
LC Drives Nigel Shepherd power-dense PM motors & generators

Shepherd co-founded LC Drives in 2012. He is responsible for all aspects of sales and business development worldwide. Shepherd holds 20+ years of executive experience selling motors across multiple markets.


  • Nigel Shepherd
  • Founder & Vice President of Sales
LC Drives Rob Tremper power-dense PM motors & generators

Tremper joined LC Drives in September 2019. He has 20+ years in industry, public accounting, and private practice. Tremper is responsible for the planning, implementation, managing and running of all finance activities for the Company, which includes human resources, insurance, tax, and legal functions.


  • Robert Tremper, Esq., C.P.A.
  • Chief Financial Officer
LC Drives Scott McNaultypower-dense PM motors & generators

McNulty joined LC Drives in June 2019 and is responsible for the Company’s machines engineering, production operations, and supply chain. His 20 years of experience in both startup and Fortune 500 environments bring expertise in product design and development, manufacturing and program management.


  • Scott McNulty
  • Vice President of Manufacturing
LC Drives Mark Sperry power-dense PM motors & generators

Sperry joined LC Drives in June 2019 and is responsible for the Company’s marketing activities including product strategy and planning, marketing communications, strategic partnerships, and external relations. Sperry is a perceptive and accomplished C-level leader with 35 years of global experience in the industrial and energy sectors.


  • Mark Sperry
  • Vice President of Marketing
LC Drives John Gartner power-dense PM motors & generators

Gartner has 20+ years of experience in both engineering, new product development, systems integration, and lean operations and has served in key roles at Nuvera Fuel Cells, Plug Power, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, and GE.


  • John Gartner
  • Vice President of Quality
LC Drives Dylan Broomfield power-dense PM motors & generators

Broomfield joined LC Drives in 2014. He is responsible for the design of the Company’s motors and generators, which includes electromagnetic, thermal, fluid and structural analysis of the machine performance as well as component modeling and design.


  • Dylan Broomfield
  • Director of Product Engineering
LC Drives David Leach power-dense PM motors & generators

Leach has been with LC Drives since close to its founding. Leach manages the Company’s intellectual property and is responsible for electronics and systems development, including architecture development, magnetic analysis and customer circuit design with a focus on motor performance measurement and power electronics.


  • David Leach
  • Director of Research & Development
LC Drives Devon Sutton power-dense PM motors & generators

Sutton joined LC Drives in January 2018 and is responsible for the strategic initiatives of the company, including location planning and analysis, capital expansion projects and managing key relations for the Company.


  • Devon Sutton
  • Director of Strategic Operations