Electronic Power Design completes testing of LC Drives motor

LC Drives motor on EPD test bed

April 2021 – LC Drives has announced that the Company’s 50-centimeter permanent magnet electric motor (LC50) underwent successful testing at Electronic Power Design (EPD) in Houston, Texas.

LC Drives and EPD are exploring opportunities where LC Drives motors and EPD’s electrical equipment expertise and extensive field experience can provide customer value and accelerate the electrification of industrial and marine applications.

“As diverse industries continue to increase their commitment to green energy production, we believe that the LC Drives LC50 PM motor will play an important role. The various applications of this permanent magnet motor are extensive, due to its extremely high energy density.” Noted John Janik, EPD Chairman, President, and CEO.

The EPD research and development team tested the LC50 using active heat exchangers, transformers, DC motors, 4-quadrant DC drives, and a suitably sized variable frequency drive (VFD). The results displayed an impressive 3,000+ Nm of torque from the compact LC50 permanent magnet motor. As well as, the ability to produce a jaw-dropping 12,520 Nm of torque (calculated) throughout its speed range.

“The LC Drives patented cooling design is poised to deliver industry-leading energy density to support diverse applications, including marine propulsion. We hope our successful testing of this LC50 PM motor brings about earlier adoption and commercialization of this amazing new technology,” added Janik.

LC Drives is targeting a variety of applications including marine, industrial, transportation, and wind energy. Applications where space is limited and weight important are ideal for motors or generators from LC Drives.

“We are pleased that EPD was able to replicate the power density and other test results achieved at our facilities in Potsdam, NY,” commented Russel Marvin, LC Drives Co-Founder and CEO. “We look forward to an ongoing relationship with EPD and to mutually pursuing commercial opportunities that leverage our respective strengths and capabilities,” continued Marvin.


About EPD

Electronic Power Design is an Electrical Systems Integrator, offering engineering services, design, programming (variable speed drives and programmable logic controls), manufacturing, commissioning, and field maintenance of all types of electronics equipment and controls. EPD’s principal products are systems that consist of units of AC and DC variable speed (VSDs), AC and DC motors (new and refurbished), motor controls centers, switchboards, controls, generators, harmonic filters, equipment repair power factor, transformers, automated systems using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other controls.

About LC Drives

LC Drives develops and manufactures innovative electric motors and generators with industry-leading power density. The Company’s patented thermal management designs and manufacturing processes enable the production of electric machines with half the weight and size of conventional water-cooled permanent magnet motors and generators. Initial markets include marine, industrial, heavy-duty trucks and buses, and wind where power density is critical and electrification efforts will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more information contact info@lcdrives.com.