LC Drives makes debut in international publication

Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology

Potsdam, New York – The Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International June 2020 publication highlighted LC Drives’ impact on the marine industry with its patented motor/generator technology.

With increasing environmental regulation initiated by many of the world’s leading industrial nations, the marine industry is engaged in an ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions via the adoption of more efficient and reliable propulsion and auxiliary power solutions.

Historically one of the key constraints on the large-scale deployment of electric propulsion in marine applications is the lack of physical space to accommodate the necessary equipment. LC Drives addresses this issue with its unique approach to machine design and manufacturing, resulting in unparalleled power densities.

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About Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International:

Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International is the world’s first publication that is solely dedicated to electric and hybrid marine technologies, from small boats to cargo shipping and naval fleets. The magazine features case studies and white papers on the latest electric and hybrid powertrain systems, as well as high-profile interviews with leading figures from the marine propulsion industry.


About LC Drives

With locations in Potsdam and Ballston Spa, New York, LC Drives has developed and patented Permanent Magnet motor/generator technologies that enable the design and manufacture of electric motors and generators that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and lower cost than conventional machines. These advances have attracted the attention of large international companies including a multimillion-dollar investment from Koch Engineered Solutions.