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electric marine propulsion pm motors and generators

Making waves

LC Drives’ electric PM motors & generators fundamentally alter the approach to marine propulsion and power generation in the range of 10kW to 10MW. Our innovative CoolSlot™ technology enables motors and generators that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and lower cost than conventional machines.

This approach enables the physical size and weight of the machine to be 50-75% less than in equivalent water-cooled permanent-magnet machines. The substantial reduction in size yields many advantages, including significantly lower weight for propulsion applications while also increasing efficiency.

Sizing up the competition

Complete customization

LC Drives will custom configure and build electric motors or generators to fit your application needs. The machines are built using a modular design to easily change torque output, and the availability of multiple winding configurations enables the machine to be configured for a wide range of voltages and speeds. This flexibility is vital to the company’s motor/generator platform which can meet almost any requirement and satisfy the specific needs of every customer.

Standard features include:

  • Smaller size and weight improves efficiency at partial loads or lower speeds
  • Patented CoolSlot™ technology
  • Form wound windings
  • Class N Insulation
  • IP55 sealed motor enclosure
  • Fully brazed manifold
  • Operational at either an F or B rise
  • Winding RTDs, 100 ohm platinum
  • Machine sizes from 300 mm (12 inches) to 2000 mm (78 inches) in diameter