Higher Output
More Efficient

LC Drives has developed an exceptionally compact and powerful range of electric generators. Our patented approach to stator cooling makes it possible to manufacture smaller, more compact machines that fit in less space than current solutions.

LC50 Motor

Reaching new heights

LC Drives generators are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than current solutions. The impact of this technology would enable the end-user to install an LC Drives generator inside a turbine that is taller and/or uses less steel as it has to support a machine that is half the weight.

High efficiency at part-load

Part-load efficiencies of conventional are significantly influenced by Iron loss. LC Drives generators use 50 percent less iron and therefore can significantly improve part-load efficiency.

Sizing up the competition

Standard features include:

  • Smaller size and weight improves efficiency at partial loads or lower speeds
  • Patented in-slot cooling
  • Form wound windings
  • Class N Insulation
  • IP55 sealed motor enclosure
  • Fully brazed manifold
  • Operational at either an F or B rise
  • Winding RTDs, 100 ohm platinum
  • Machine sizes from 300 mm (12 inches) to 2000 mm (78 inches) in diameter