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Potsdam, New York – The April publication of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International features LC Drives and the adaptability of its motors and generators in the marine industry.

Harbors are an integral part of the global economy and infrastructure. In the USA alone, the American Association of Port Authorities reports that seaport activity accounts for more than 31 million jobs and 26% of the US economy, generating $5.4 trillion in total economic activity and over $378 billion in federal, state, and local taxes. It’s no surprise that with such a significant economic presence comes a significant environmental footprint.

Whether it be harbor trucks, cargo handling equipment, harbor craft, or oceangoing vessels, harbor activities have historically been major sources of harmful emissions that affect the environment and public health of the people living nearby. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution negatively affects public health by heightening susceptibility to respiratory and cardiovascular health problems, increasing the risk of cancer, and contributing to premature death.

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) – comprising roughly 200 members in 90 countries – is dedicated to protecting the environment through the regulation of harbor emissions. With the establishment of the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP), the IAPH is dedicated to working collaboratively with its diverse associates to plan and develop strategies to protect the environment and waterfront communities in conjunction with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandate to cut CO2 emissions by 5O% by 2050.

Electrifying harbors worldwide is the most effective way to reduce waterfront air emissions, benefiting community and environmental health. Significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the waterfront will improve air quality for the surrounding population and contribute to the IMO’s overall mission. Furthermore, electrification will considerably reduce noise pollution from previously diesel-operated harbor craft, cranes, trucks, and other support equipment.

Meeting industry needs

Enabling this vision, US-based developer and manufacturer LC Drives has created an innovative approach to electric motor and generator design with its CoolSlot™ technology. This patented technology results in motors and generators that are substantially smaller, tighter, quieter, and more efficient than conventional machines.

Despite their smaller size, these machines are not short on power. Whether giving life to a tugboat, powering a cruise ship, electrifying ground support equipment, or moving cargo, these power-dense motors and generators are purpose-built for a wide range of harbor-related applications.

The challenging pathway to low-emission and zero-emission harbor infrastructure must address the costs of upgrading or replacing equipment, and the concerns related to new technology to satisfy the requirements of the various applications.

The LC Drives team works with customers to develop a pathway to electrification and greater sustainability within all their marine vessel and terminal applications. The company’s engineers can design and manufacture a machine with the ability to adapt to the requirements of the application.

Due to its far smaller footprint, an LC Drives motor or generator can complement existing systems to create a hybrid approach, or substitute the diesel entirely for a fully electric watercraft, truck, winch, crane, or similar. The options are limitless.

LC Drives machines are built using a modular approach, resulting in power and torque scalability and making numerous machine configurations possible. The machines are designed and built to specific customer requirements, providing the most effective solution to the application in which they are deployed. This flexibility is vital to the company’s ongoing delivery performance plan, making LC Drives one of the most versatile motor manufacturing companies in the world.

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About LC Drives

LC Drives develops and manufactures innovative electric motors and generators with industry-leading power density. The Company’s patented thermal management designs and manufacturing processes enable the production of electric machines with half the weight and size of conventional water-cooled permanent magnet motors and generators. Initial markets include marine, industrial, heavy-duty trucks and buses, and wind where power density is critical and electrification efforts will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more information contact info@lcdrives.com.