LC Drives power-dense PM motors & generators

Lightweight, power-dense electric Machines

Electric Machines with In-Slot Cooling

LC Drives has developed a patented CoolSlot™ solution that directly removes heat from the stator conductors, thereby providing the most efficient way to manage copper losses without cost or performance impacts.

Removing the heat at the center of the stator slot increases the amount of current through the machine, which directly increases the amount of torque that can be delivered. Our CoolSlot™ technology allows for almost double the current density when compared to the most power-dense liquid-cooled motors and generators available today.

in-slot cooling technology
Reduced operating temperatures of both motors and generators

More efficient heat transfer, more possibilities

Conventional liquid-cooled machines cool the outside of the stator frame, requiring the heat generated in copper windings to migrate from the slot through the stator iron to the surrounding cooling jacket.

LC Drives’ patented CoolSlot™ approach allows for higher current density and therefore more compact motors and generators. In addition to our patented technologies, our innovative use of new materials further improves heat transfer and magnetic performance while improving operating efficiencies and durability.

More power, smaller size, less weight

Of equal importance to size reduction, is the significant reduction in weight that can be achieved. For propulsion applications, this provides efficiency benefits along with greater design flexibility. For industrial applications, the ability to substantially increase motor power at a similar or smaller size than current technology offers unique operational benefits and improved energy efficiency.

Smaller and more efficient electric motors